Hidden Secrets for Attractive Loft Conversion and Extension in London

Loft Conversion and Extension Specialists in London

If you are searching for luxurious and high-quality loft conversions, then you have come to the right place. We are among the leading constructors providing loft conversion services.

Our Experts

Our skilled professionals are passionate about turning the house of your dream to a perfect reality. Along with considerable experience, we dedicate our significant time and resources to make sure that the project is completed in just a matter of weeks. AC Building Construction also ensures that the conversion is based on designs to meet your specific needs.

Planning and Construction

Making smart decisions matters. The differences between estimated and actual quote can be great but with sound planning you can achieve your desired results within the budget. Before executing an extension job, you may need to consider some ground realities.

We at AC Building Construction carefully plan every aspect of the construction. We you to know abut different types of Loft Conversion and Extension London options suitable for your property, its location, besides giving you a free estimate.

  • Right to light of neighbors

Your home extension can be halt if this law is not obeyed. In summary it means that, your construction should not block the adequate amount of sun light entering your neighbor’s home.

  • Minimum ceiling height

Although it is not a legal requirement but it is a practical requirement. From the best practices and approach, we can safely say that ceiling height should be at least 2.1 meters.

  • Purpose of the rooms

Before dividing your master bedroom make sure, you rethink the function of every room. As a rule, always makes sure that your principle rooms i.e. Kitchen, Dining and living room is directly accessible from the other rooms.

  • Site Insurance

Whenever executing an extension job or renovating your home or a part of it, it is necessary to have site insurance from an A-rated insurer. Make sure you check it with your builder or renovation services provider before jumping into the project.

Our dedicated project manager takes a look at all of your architectural designs and drawings. We take care of all the related permissions, structural calculations and construction from start to the completion of the project.

Our Loft Conversion and Extension London help you make money in the long run.

With an ever increasing change in the prices of the property, our aim is to provide you with more space in your house so you won’t have to leave the home that you love. We offer high-quality construction that will add a significant figure at the time of reselling of your house.

Our main aim is to provide efficient services with minimum hassle and maximum results

We understand that building work causes disturbance and disruption. We keep this trouble to a minimum and try our best not to create distress. We make sure that no damage is done to the floors and walls during the building work.

To avail our services at minimal prices, feel free to contact us on 079 5631 0818.

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