26 Jun 2018
26 Jun2018

Brickwork in the general construction of a building has been a traditional method and considered one of the best and versatile construction materials. Brickwork Services in London is commonly available and is the preferred method used by most of the construction contractors in London. Professional brickwork services have different types and uses and used widely all over the world. Let go through some tips and tricks which can save you your time and money as well.

Storage of the bricks

The very first thing you will have to keep in mind is the storage of the bricks, make sure that you store and stack your bricks at a certain level and you can cover it with polythene wrapping to protect it from the bad weather.

Bricks blending

It is advisable that the bricks should be loaded out from a minimum of three packs and should be drawn out vertical rather than horizontally and by doing this you can avoid the color patchiness when you are doing your brickwork which will eventually help you to have a professional brickwork finish.

Brickwork protection after its construction

In certain weather conditions if you have to stop the construction of your brick work make sure that provides and covers it with a protective material like polythene wrapping and if the brick work is not being protected patchy mortar, lime stains, efflorescence can occur. And if you notice sudden changes in the weather like if the temperature falls below three degree or you notice frost then is it advisable to stop the construction of your brickwork and wait till the weather heats up.

Selection of bricks

If you are working a place where the weather conditions are extreme then is it advisable to use the bricks with high strength and low water absorption.

Selecting the right mortar mix

Choosing the right mortar mix will depend on the sealing requirements it might be used for. A type N mortar mix is usually used for the walls which require more protection from the extreme weather conditions like the exterior walls and the high grade walls.

Protection from extreme cold weather

Extremely cold weather conditions like temperatures below 40 degree Fahrenheit are not favorable conditions for the construction of the brickwork. In such weather condition usually the use of an accelerator is used.

Mortar mix with the right consistency

To achieve the right consistency of the mortar mix it is very important to use good grade materials. When preparing your mortar mix make sure that the sand should be free of clayey material, otherwise, it will create a paste that could expand and contract as water dries up.

Finishing off the brick work

When applying the mortar mix and finishing off make sure that you strike/point the seams before the mortar sets. Fill any holes in the seams then strike/point them with either the piece of pipe or the trowel to give your brickwork a professional finish. Brush the brickwork down with a soft hand brush to remove any excess mortar from the brickwork face.

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