Understanding Advantages of Brick Laying and Repointing in London


Brick laying and repointing services in London

Nothing lasts forever. Whether it is your car or home, they all need a constant update and maintenance. Similarly, the walls that protect you from harsh unpredictable weather also need proper attention. Heavy rains, strong winds, and blizzard can reduce the life of bricks. With weak bricks in the wall, your wall starts to deteriorate. Its water resistant capability is compromised and its overall strength decreases. There are ways you can control is issue by utilizing services like Brick Laying and Repointing London. Taking such a pro-active initiative today, you can save yourself from large repair investments in the future.

What is Repointing?

It is the process of filling or repairing the joints of brickwork in the wall/building. It is also known as poiting or pointing up. The need of repointing occurs when the weather and decomposition cause voids between the bricks. To make matters worse, if the (rain) water enters these voids it further weakens the walls.

Advantages of Repointing
  • It saves the integrity of your wall. It is the best way to preserve the old or historical walls or buildings.
  • As it looks better aesthetically, it has a positive impact on the viewer.
  • A perfect repointing job increases the beauty of the building.
  • It increases the value of the building. This helps you the earn profit on your investment at the time of sale.
  • It makes your building strong to resist water.

How Repointing is done?

Before starting the repointing job it is recommended to mark the faulty bricks first. Once you are done then you can rip out the old deteriorated bricks. However, make sure that the weight of the wall/building does not collapse while taking out the bricks. If you are working with a high wall, then it’s a good idea to use a scaffolding as it allows you to cover more area.