23 Jul 2018
23 Jul2018

Are you planning your home extension? And don’t have any idea how to hire the right contractor for the job. Having enough space in the house is the dream of every home owner with our growing families and growing needs; the need for extra space also arises, and after finally deciding to go the desired home extension, the very next and crucial step will be to hire the right extension contractor for the job. The whole success of your extension project will be depended upon qualities and experience of your contractors and how efficiently he will be able to deliver it.

The moment you will start your search for extension contractors London there will be a list of numerous names and again you will be in a dilemma which one will be perfect to hand over your project. The very trustee way of find an extension contractor is to ask your friends and family members if they have had any similar work done, you can always ask for testimonials. Another very good source of taking referrals is to ask the building inspection team if you are able to they might know who best in the field with good assessment rating.

Plan your extension

The very common mistake most of the home owner’s do, they does not know what they really want. Making a detailed plan for the extension process will not only help you to have a clear picture what the end result will be and how much it will cost you but it will help the extension contractor as well to suggest you with the best possibilities and to deliver exactly what you are expecting.

Interview several candidates

If you have been able to get some names and contact information of several extension contractors, you must start interviewing them. You can always ask about their previous work that they have been worked for in the past, you can ask how their skills are in terms of cost management and project delivery. Last but not the least take quotations from two to three extension contractors and you can finalize the best suited one according to your budget. Another very important thing you have to check before you hire an extension contractor is to check all the necessary licenses and the insurances related to the project.

Very important tip is to have good communication with your extension contractors and make him to keep you updated regarding the progress of the project. Make sure you before the handover the project to extension contractors; decide their mode of payment and all the related matters to avoid any misunderstanding. Make sure that everything is in writing from mode of payments to materials used in the project, from the names of the sub-contractors to the final completion date of the project. With all the things aligned and by submitting your extension project in the right hands you can be stress free, and be ready to enjoy the extension what you have always wanted.

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