Acquire the Right Planning Permission in London before getting started

Project Planning Permission in London

Planning Permission in London

Things your solicitor will not tell you about Planning Permission

Without a Planning Permission in London, your site/building has no value. Whether you are interested to make some minor alterations and extensions or want to build a new house, you need to know what is the permitted development. Not every project needs a planning permission, depending upon the environment, area and space it varies. E.g. There are situations in which there is no fee for alterations as those conditions are within the permitted development.

Still if you need a planning permission for constructing a new building or for the alteration of an existing building, you need to have a good purpose of doing so. Not to forget, you also need to keep in mind the people. The people who will be affected by your building or alteration process. The idea is to gain permission for your project while abiding the rules and regulations.


4 Important Reasons to have a Planning Permission

  • No matter how innovative design your building has or how costly its construction and development is, bottom-line is that without Planning Permission your site has no value.
  • Planning Permission helps you to secure permission to build safely without any legal interruptions.
  • Planning Permission accelerates project’s completion timeline and aids you to build your ideal grand design stress free and within expected budget.
  • Although in some cases, Planning Permission is not required but your building construction may be a subject to Building Regulations, which you need to know and consider.



Your Guide to acquire the Planning Permission

To increase your chances of getting the Planning Permission, your application must be well-written that properly addresses the concerns of the Planners. Your application’s chances for success increase if you focus on the key factors that are involved, i.e.:

  • You need to think about the audience and the purpose is to gain permission for your project.
  • Understand what the audience (committee) wants from your planning application.


Rapid, Reliable Planning Permission with ACB Construction London

For more than 38 years, AC Building Construction has been providing the exceptional construction services across London. We can help you with acquiring planning permission, renovation or an extension project, and construction of a new building project. Our work comprises of quality and guarantee for your satisfaction. Due to our commitment for quality work, we provide outstanding results in every project.

For acquiring Planning Permission in London, we ensure that it has every chance of success. Even if your application has been refused, we will rethink your case to make sure it has a fair chance of success. If not then we will guide you honestly about it. With our services, you get the best value for your money.

Our high expertises are in the following services (but not limited to):

  • Planning and Permission
  • Carpentry
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Bricklaying and Repointing
  • Basement Services
  • Full Refurbishment
  • Extensions
  • New Build
  • House Cleaning

To get more information for all of our finest services you can visit your services area.


Areas We Cover

By choosing ACB London for all of your home building, renovation projects, you will be making the good choice. By staying on course and within budget, we save your time and money; ultimately winning you the mental peace that you deserve. So drop us an email or give us a call today! We are available to attend your queries:


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Is Your Building Development Safe? Does it Abide by the local Building codes? Avail ACB London’s services to get the right Planning Permission in London.

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